Seize your Inbox

Animail wants to become your online communications pet. It fetches the news (E-Mail and Twitter). Browse, read and reply to your messages in an easy and fun way. And don't be afraid of Animail, it's cute and not carnivorous:
it keeps everything in sync with your existing accounts. Without eating your homework.

Screenshot Animail


  • Timeline: Browse through your E-Mail and Twitter timeline simultaneous. No folders, no hassle.
  • Highlighting: Define what is important. It will stand out in the flood of newsletters and notifications.
  • Starring: Star messages with one tap to read or find them later. Or compile a simple to-do list.
  • Filters: Filter everything by person. Or display only starred or unread messages.
  • File View: There's even a gallery for attachments.
  • We just started: This is just the beginning. Get free updates to all 1.x versions and Animail 2.0.


  • E-Mail accounts need to support the IMAP protocol.Verified services
  • The Animail works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 4.0 software or later.
  • Network connection required to sync messages.

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Demo Videos

Animail demo video

Animail Demo Video

v1.5 feature preview

Animail V1.5 features